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~Week in Review~

  • 9/12/2003:

    It's been a while since I last updated my new's section. But here is an interview that I conducted earlier in the week for

    1. How long have you been wrestling for?
    ~ I began wrestling at the age of 16, I am now 19. So it's been 3 years.

    2. You were pretty much self trained for your first six months of training, where did you do this training at?
    ~ I along with a close friend of mine who I broke into the business with, Would actually learn from watching wrestling. wheather it be on TV, Tapes or even live. We would then go down to his basement where we acually had amatuer wrestling mats to land on(Ouch!) and would begin to practice on eachother anywhere from 3-6 hours a day. Just tring to teach ourselves what we believed were the basics. (Slams,Armdrags,headlocks,Suplex's, Lock-up's, etc..)

    3. Did you have in ring training up to that point, or was that actually your first time in the ring?
    ~ No, I had never stepped foot in a ring until December 29, 1999. That is where I first met Matt Storm aka MadDog from the Damned. It was actually funny, I still remember the look on his face when we started doing our thing in the ring and he just looked at us and was like you guy's have never wrestled or been trained before? We both looked at him and said no but we'd like to. After the event he gave us his contact info and told us we should head down to where he trains, To see what we think.

    4. How much extra pressure did it put on you knowing that Spike Dudley was in the crowd at your first match?
    ~ Words couldn't describe how nervous I was, Looking through that curtain and seeing Spike sitting in the crowd. The wierd thing is, When I got out there I felt fine. Even though he probabley saw right through me and knew I was a nervous wreck. But we just went out there and did the best to our capability.

    5. What wrestlers have helped you the most since your debut?
    ~ I've only been wrestling for 3 years now. But up to this point, I would have to say Brick House Baker.

    6. Most of your success has come as a tag team wrestler (with Mike Paiva-PWF Tag Team Titles). Have you held any singles titles?
    ~ Yes, I've held the YPW Lightweight title, I am also the current APW Lightweight champion.

    7. Who has been your toughest opponent(s)?
    ~ I have a few for this one, I would have to go with.. "The Amazing" Red, Quite Storm, and the Damned.

    8. What promotions have you worked for?
    ~ PWF Universal, NWA-Wildside, PWF-NE, UWF, PWA, APW, AWF, NCW, XWA, HWF, UPW, PLW, SCCW, YPW, HICW, NEWA,

    9. If you could have a match with anyone or have a tag match against any team, who would it be?
    ~ I would have to go with... Brett Hart or Shawn Michaels, It's a dead tie.

    10. What wrestler (if any),past or present, could you compare yourself to?
    ~ Honestly, I wouldn't compare myself to anyone. I'll leave that up to everyone else.